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New Year's Mochi Sale!

​We accept orders.

Free shipping for orders over 7500 yen.
Payment method for limited sale is cash on delivery / postal transfer
Credit card payment (we will invoice you by email)
It will be delivered sequentially from December 28th.

​ We also accept delivery in the garden, so please take care of it.
Separately, postage 750 yenDecember 24th order deadline

Download order file here

For orders... Miyamoto Yama Saito

FAX 0479-73-3741 E-mail

Name, phone number, zip code, address, payment method (cash on delivery) (postal transfer)

Please contact ​. Thank you.


Brown rice cake 3 color set 1,300 yen tax included

・Plain 300g x 1

・ 300g x 1 with soybeans

・Ancient rice 300g x 1

3 pieces of brown rice cake1,250 yen including tax

Plain 300g x 3

Brown rice cake 1kg1,250 yen including tax


3 pieces of rice cake with ancient rice1,400 yen including tax

Ancient rice 300g x 3

3 whitening rice cakes1,250 yen including tax

・White rice cake 300g x 3

Whitening Mochi 1kg1,250 yen including tax

Mini brown rice kagami mochi540 yen including tax

We accept orders together. We also accept rice sets.

Product name

chattering miso

Rice miso 900g ¥1,100

Rice Miso 450g       

Mukashi Umeboshi 150g ¥540

Reduced pesticide firefly rice

Brown rice 5kg ¥3,065

White rice 5kg ¥3,400

Pesticide-free Miyamoto rice

Brown rice 5kg ¥3,750

White rice 5kg ¥4,125


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