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Organic farming started in 1986
Ancestral farmers have been farming in this area for nearly 1,300 years. The reason for the switch to organic farming was the thoughts of the current owner's mother, who suffered from atopic dermatitis during her childhood.


​Aerial photo of Miyamoto Farm Yatsuda, surrounded by forests and valleys, has been passed down for generations. We grow rice here.

At first, there were some objections from the local community, but gradually the number of people who understood the idea increased, and the entire community cooperated. Genji firefly and Heike firefly dance.

A gentle breeze blows, the rich water and soil stored in the forest, the chorus of frogs, and the hawks flying in the sky.
We cultivate rice in beautiful valleys rich in nature.

No pesticides are used in the management of farm roads or around the rice fields. Therefore, sometimes crawfish and moles make holes in the rice fields... Rice is a crop that loves water.
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