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​ This is an introduction to the soybean farming event "Soybean Trust" held by Mt. Miyamoto.

Producers and consumers, producers and users work together to protect native soybeans.

Annual schedule 

・Sowing: Late June to early July

・Weeding early August

・Edamame harvest, weeding in early October

・Bocchitsumi early December

・Threshing early January

・Miso making around the end of February


soybean field trust movement

In 1997, a campaign that does not require genetic modification and producers joined hands to increase the self-sufficiency rate of soybeans, and started an initiative to grow and eat soybeans that are rooted in the land instead of genetically modified crops. Miyamotoyama is a trust farm from the first year (12 farms), and this year is the 22nd year of activities.

■ What is the Soybean Trust Movement?

No genetically modified food! In the campaign, we decided to start a soybean self-sufficiency movement in order to raise the self-sufficiency rate by producing domestic soybeans together with the producers. That is the soybean field trust movement. It is a movement in which citizens donate money to a certain section of a soybean production area, grow soybeans together with producers, and eat the soybeans produced (about 4,000 yen per unit of 10 tsubo).

~No genetic modification required! Campaign websiteExcerpt from ~

☆Membership fee Annual membership fee 4,000 yen per unit

☆ Event participation fee (lunch fee)

Membership fee Adult 1000 yen, Child 500 yen, Infant 300 yen

After the farming work, enjoy a delicious and fun farming time, a farm buffet with seasonal flavors.

​ (For general participation, add 300 yen to each member fee)

☆ Allocation

40 lots of 10a fields are owned by the owner system, and one lot of about 3 kg of soybeans or about 3 kg of miso are distributed at the end of the fiscal year. A 50/50 split is also possible. Agriculture is a natural partner, so there may be more or less, but I would be happy if I could grow and eat precious indigenous soybeans with everyone, from seeding to making miso, and connect them to the future. We look forward to hearing from you.           _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_      

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